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Lies Related to Kelley Lynch Trial; Email to CIA re. Streeter's Insanity Over Drone Card Sent to DOJ/FBI

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:29 PM
Subject: Re: 9/25/2013 review hearing
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To the ACLU,
My prosecutor doesn't like me speaking the truth.  That harasses her.  Lying about me and setting me up does not.  There are serious freedom speech issues here.  LA Superior Court and the City Attorney don't like extraneous speech.  I was clear with Vanderet:  I was convicted of excessive rambling.  Every email legitimate.  They weren't just about tax information I need.  They were about valid business, litigation, and other issues such as slander.  One issue the City Attorney used against me:  refuting Cohen's LIE that I had sex or FUCKED (to quote my younger son's father) Oliver Stone.  She likes celebrities.  I think Mr. Stone should take this seriously.  These people are playing for real.  They imprisoned me falsely.  They falsely arrested me.  They have concealed evidence.  It goes on and on.  Is ACLU sick of prosecutorial misconduct?   It's rampant.  These judges don't care.  As Charles Sevilla asked about the U.S. Supreme Court - how's that working out?  He's one of Phil Spector's attorneys and the lies in that case are inconceivable.  I wonder why my parents never heard of a Phil Spector gun story when we all worked with Leonard Cohen?  Because he's a liar.

All the best,

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:18 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
Hello Kevin and Bryan,
A deadly serious situation.  These people incarcerated me and it's an absolute set up.
Oliver Stone may be addressed in my letter to DA Steve Cooley and DDA Alan Jackson.  This letter was hand delivered to them.  I suppose they don't want to answer these issues.  They have the Killer King file - it's entirely fraudulent.  In fact, it's not me so it's frightening.  I, as Oliver knows, lived in Brentwood . Why would LAPD take me to Killer King and question me about Phil Spector.  As I said to the DA's investigator - why didn't they question me about Oliver Stone?
LA Superior Court is running a celebrity fraud program.  Innocent people are being targeted.  Fraudulent restraining orders are being used.  Mike Conzachi is gathering evidence to take to the Criminal Grand Jury of Los Angeles and is using information that may bring attention to my matters.  That's great.  The news media has shamelessly regurgiated Leonard Cohen's carefully crafted INSANE statements.  I can assure you that I did NOT drag Oliver Stone into this and I have no idea why Cohen and Kory would.  My mother thinks it was to make Steve Lindsey jealous and to stir up a custody matter.  It worked.  My sons' lives were destroyed.  I happen to know that Oliver liked my sons.  I cannot imagine that he would want them to suffer.  Rutger's ordeal is an outrage and to be targeted over this by Streeter who is a liar is unconscionable.  She doesn't like that.  She just likes her lies.  The City Attorney wanted me arrested over the drone card.  I want the CIA on the witness stand. 

All the best,

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 8:08 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the IRS and FBI,
I am now going through the transcripts (which I will scan for you) of the Stalinesque Show Trial.  I am listing all the lies the public defenders did not address with respect to the prosecutor, Leonard Cohen, and his paid witness lawyers who have relentlessly targeted me (and my sons) since 2004.  Cohen began harassing me.  My mother is aware that I was not terminated.  I refused ot meet with him and his lawyers and refused to sign a settlement agreement or hand over the corporate books and records.  My mother is aware that he offered me 50% community property.  Who would offer someone that based on the allegations raised in his retaliatory and fraudulent lawsuit that was filed because he understood Agent Bill Betzer/IRS advised me to report the tax fraud to the IRS fraud unit.  Why wasn't Kory's statement that I read an ad in the paper advising me to report my employer to the IRS challenged?  Because the public defenders didn't meet with me and have all the facts wrong?  Why should I pay for that?  These the individuals the court appointed me.  There's no domestic violence.  I asked for a civil harassment order.  I wasn't served.  No one understands what the appellate division is talking about.  I do - they cover for the trial court and the taxpayer foots the bill.  I can't get my file from the public defenders to file my writ.  They wouldn't speak to me and my appellate attorney.  The default judgment is illegal.  Now, Streeter's lies are going to be used against me re. probation?  These people are deranged.  Ross Oviatt nailed it with respect to Gianelli's emails, etc.  What did Streeter do?  Used an email about Gianelli and pretended it related to Cohen.  Used an email to Dennis Riordan and she and Cohen pretended he was copied in on it.  My lawyers did nail Cohen on that.  What did they have to do with?  Cohen told me for 20 years that Phillip never held a gun on him.  IT was illegal discovery.  Cooley and Jackson are involved.  And, Judge Pat Dixon evidently thinks Eminem wants to dry hump him and wrote PUKE about him.  Dr, Dre was used against me in the custody matter.  I have no idea why. 

Detective Viramontes/LAPD TMU did not view the drone card as a threat.  He viewed it as a joke.  I viewed as an example.  My hairdresser, Mario Lara, thought it was sweet.  Others thought it was funny.  But Streeter thought it was terrifying.  Why?  Because she's a liar.  She doesn't like that?  Well, there's an answer - STOP LYING.  Then you won't be called a liar.  It's very very simple logic.  Elementary actually.  Viramontes told me Cohen didn't feel comfortable with my requests for tax information.  I still don't have the information.  Streeter, Cohen, and Kory lied about this on the stand.  Read the transcript. 

All the best,

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 7:34 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the CIA,

One correction:  If not, why you think the taxpayers should pay for her [Streeter] to sabotage the IRS, discredit me, and ensure that the DA's Phil Spector verdict it NOT overturned.
Paulette Brandt is a friend of mine who can help me prove that just about every witness (prior bad act) on the stand LIED about Phil Spector.  I don't think he had shoot a woman who was probably a prostitute for sex.  Paulette knows - Phil Spector had no problems with sex.  Nancy Sinatra was crazy about him.  Paulette dated him.  She's seen him drink.  He never held a gun on her.  She feels left out now.  So do I.
I am now preparing a package for Oliver Stone.  The custody matter and Mr. Stone were used against me to obtain a verdict - so was my son's horrifying Whole Foods matter.  There is criminal negligence.  The DA refuses to investigate/prosecute that matter.  They elected not to prosecute Cohen re. fraud and theft (millions).  I think there's a quid pro quo re. Phil Spector and no one is going to convince me otherwise.  Keep; in mind - Streeter doesn't like the fact that I view her as a liar and sychophant.  She can lie about me.  Put an innocent woman in prison.  Target my sons.  But the truth is harassment, right?  WRONG.  The truth is factual.  LA Superior Court wouldn't know a fact if they fell over one . They like liars who use fraud, perjury, concealment, blackmail, etc. to target innocent people.  My friend, Coyote Shivers, is one of them.  His ex-wife is a famous NCIS forensic coroner.  Maybe she can figure out why there's no blood spatter on Phil Spector's white jacket that Paulette gave him.  David Mamet figured it out. 
All the best,

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 7:19 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the City Attorney,

The Valentine Card was sent to the CIA.  I await their response.  It's not a threat.  It's a set up.
Kelley Lynch

On Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 7:18 PM, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
To the CIA,

I would like you to see this email.  Gianelli, who people are referring to as a criminal and SICKO, is threatening me over my probation requirements.  Of course, they are fraudulent.  There is no domestic violence.  There is no theft.  There was no violation of a restraining order.  I wasn't served.  I am filing a writ with the Court of Appeal but the Public Defender refuses to provide me with my entire file.  I am now challenging these fees that I view as extortion.
The Valentine's Day drone card is at issue.  This is the email Streeter lied to LAPD about.  My lawyer advised me that this is criminal obstruction of justice on her part.  I asked Detective Viramontes/LAPD TMU is he thought she needs psychiatric help.  I also asked to call her and ask her if the IRS and FBI are the real threat because I have asked for an investigation.  Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud and has stolen from me and others.  The IRS and FBI are raised in this email and Gianelli has confirmed that Streeter may have found my calls for investigation by the IRS and FBI harassing. 
The threat has to be credible.  The City Attorney's office seems to use lame and insane alleged threats to prosecute people/  That's why I sent this drone card to the FBI and others.  It's an example form my perspective of what they will use to target you.  No one in reality believes Streeter but the City Attorney wanted to arrest me so this is very very serious matter.  My son provided me with a declaration re. this obscene harassment (that now involves Oliver Stone who was used to stir up a custody matter) and he knows - this all relates to Leonard Cohen, the IRS, and Phil Spector. 
Since this threat has to be credible, the CIA is now involved.  It would laughable if this individual didn't want me arrested over this.  I don't know anyone else in the U.S. who has drones.  We know that the CIA has drones now.  I don't want to discuss what you do with drones.  I want to ask the CIA a question:  Do you have a Civilian Drone Lending Program and does the CIA actually think this was a credible threat to prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter.  If not, why do you think the taxpayers should pay for her to sabotage the IRS, discredit me, and ensure that the DA's Phil Spector verdict is overturned.  If my public defender and appellate attorney, and everyone else I know, can figure this out so can the CIA - Leonard Cohen committed criminal tax fraud.  He lies about Phil Spector.  He now has three versions of his highly embellished Phil Spector gun story before LA Superior Court.  Streeter concealed one from my jurors although that proves that Leonard Cohen lies.  There's perjury on the record re. our non-existent intimate/dating relationship.  And, in keeping with his greed, Leonard Cohen has attempted to benefit from his tax fraud by stealing from me. 
Let me confirm this for the CIA;  I have asked the IRS and FBI to investigate my alleged trial and the role the prosecutor played.  That's not meant to harass Sandra Jo Streeter.  It's a fact.  The appellate court wouldn't let me abandon my appeal.  They were probably afraid it might help me win my lawsuit against the County of LA for their role in the destruction of my life.
It's very straightforward.  I realize you're busy.
All the best,


---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Sat, Sep 7, 2013 at 3:12 AM
Subject: 9/25/2013 review hearing


Please see the attached minute order dated 4/17/2012, in pertinent part ordering you – as a condition of probation – to “obey all laws” and further “Do not annoy, harass or molest any person or witness involved in this case…” (italics added).

It is incontrovertible that following your release from jail that you sent your trial prosecutor Sandra Jo Streeter scores of abusive and accusatory emails – including an email on Valentine’s Day 2013.

You also referred to Ms. Streeter in the most demeaning, insulting, and – yes- annoying manner, referring her weight, her honesty, and accusing her of obstruction of justice, suborning perjury, and unlawfully interfering with an IRS investigation and you have called for her investigation by the IRS and the FBI.

This conduct would be viewed by a reasonable prosecutor, at a minimum, as “annoying” and “harassing”. You may not see it that way, but I assure you that any reasonable judicial officer sitting as a fact finder will.

Keeping in mind that the offenses for which you were prosecuted by Ms. Streeter, convicted by a jury, and sentenced to jail by the court and placed on probation involved annoying and harassing emails and that – despite the teachings of the opinion affirming your conviction on direct appeal and the order denying your writ application (describing the evidence of your guilt as “overwhelming” and your trial defense as “implausible”) – you still claim that you are the victim here and did nothing wrong or illegal, what do you think the court should do on September 25, 2013?  

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