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Kelley's Email to Karen Lynch re. Email that GIanelli May Have Sent Under An Alias

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Tue, Sep 24, 2013 at 3:34 PM
Subject: Re: Your upcoming hearing
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Hi Karen,

Heroin?  Sandra Jo Streeter belongs in PRISON.


On 9/24/13, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> Hi Tyler and Ross,
> Do you agree with this psychopath?  My mother thinks my prosecutor and
> others belong in prison.
> Love,
> Kelley
> On 9/24/13, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>> Hello Sharmapa,
>> My mother thinks you are brilliant and correct.  She agrees - Oliver
>> Stone needs to take this situation seriously.  It destroyed her
>> grandsons.  And, she thinks the CIA should weigh in on the drone
>> threat.  My mother also understands why Paulette Brandt is being
>> attacked and slandered.  She does not drink and she is beautiful.  My
>> mother thinks I am literally in LA Confidential and seems to believe
>> that the City Attorney who prosecuted me should be arrested.  She also
>> thinks this is extortion re. my probation requirements.  I'll send you
>> her declaration.
>> See attached.
>> Love,
>> Kelley
>> On 9/24/13, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
>>> To the CIA,
>>> My mother thinks the City Attorney is INSANE but understands that this
>>> relates to Cohen's criminal tax fraud and Phil Spector.  Paulette
>>> Brandt is now being trashed.  Ray Lawrence advised Gianelli where
>>> Paulette lives and told him I was staying with her.  She is Phil
>>> Spector's former personal assistant, was his girlfriend 30 years ago,
>>> and is a lovely and beautiful woman.
>>> My mother believes that the CIA should weigh in on the drone
>>> Valentine's Day card and this prosecutor who wanted me DRUGGED AND
>>> COMMITTED for contacting Bruce Cutler.  She knows - my sister
>>> contacted Cutler and so did my public defender.
>>> My mother is outraged.  She knows there is NO domestic violence and
>>> Cohen and I were not lovers and never in a dating relationship.  She
>>> wants me to document everything very carefully right now because she
>>> agrees with Sharmapa:  I am the victim of corrupt politicians and
>>> corrupt cops.  She is outraged at my trial, the City Attorney, sees
>>> through the DA, and understands that Cohen owes me millions, is a
>>> liar, and committed criminal tax fraud.  She agrees - Streeter should
>>> be arrested for what she has done to my life and for lying to LAPD
>>> about me.  My mother is welll aware of the fact that I now have
>>> serious physical illnesses because of this situation. We talk EVERY
>>> DAY.
>>> All the best,
>>> Kelley
>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: Kelley Lynch <>
>>> Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 15:10:44 -0700
>>> Subject: Fwd: Your upcoming hearing
>>> To: rosetree81 <>
>>> Dad,
>>> I want you to see what is going on.  I am being accused of being a
>>> drunk, heroin addict, abusive mother, etc.  I have been accused of
>>> permitting my children to snort cocaine off of Oliver Stone's "dick."
>>> I do not do drugs and this never happened.  I have no alcohol or
>>> mental health issues.  The City Attorney of Los Angeles, because I
>>> contacted Phil Spector's trial lawyer, wanted me drugged and
>>> committed.  Karen and my public defender contacted Bruce Cutler also.
>>> Cohen was on the stand testifying about Phil Spector and a gun.  His
>>> testimony CONTRADICTS the statements the DA used against Phil Spector.
>>>  I am now living with Phillip's former assistant.  She is being
>>> targeted, slandered, and trashed here.  She's not decrepit, doesn't
>>> drink at all, and we are NOT lesbians.  My Buddhist teachers,
>>> including Yongzin Rinpoche (who mother spoke with) have NOT turned on
>>> me.  In fact, Dzongsar Khyentse Rinpoche is now Ray's teacher and
>>> concerned about his physical welfare.  Ray wrote me that these emails
>>> made him physically ill.  Oliver Stone knows Dzongsar Khyentse
>>> Rinpoche.
>>> My family does NOT want me in jail.  Perhaps the DA or City Attorney
>>> want me in jail.  My prosecutor has LIED to LAPD because she thinks a
>>> Valentine card (that Mario thought was cute) is a credible threat.
>>> Evidently, the CIA is now lending them to civilians.  These people in
>>> Los Angeles are INSANE.
>>> Am I going down, Dad?  Boies Schiller, a major law firm, told me to
>>> contact a lawyer, advise them that they reviewed the evidence and
>>> understand that Cohen owes me millions, told me to find a lawyer and
>>> ask them to help me take another Hollywood fraud down.  The City
>>> Attorney accused me of threatening Cohen because I said I intended to
>>> take him down, LEGALLY.  LAPD was very clear about the LEGALLY in
>>> their report.
>>> I am dealing with an unconscionable situation and my sons continue to
>>> be targeted.  My prosecutor is a psychopath and star struck lunatic.
>>> She argued that Leonard Cohen doesn't have to provide me with a 1099.
>>> The IRS thinks otherwise.  She thinks I'm Cohen's ex-lover and
>>> obsessed with him.  Cohen and I never had a dating relationship and
>>> were never involved.  The man thinks a personal manager is also his
>>> whore, evidently.  The same is true for the lunatic City Attorney -
>>> Cohen exposed his penis to me when he forced me to read legal/business
>>> documents while he soaked in a bubble bath.  According to the City
>>> Attorney - that annoyed Leonard Cohen.  It is criminal.
>>> The City Attorney's argument?  I am Cohen's disgruntled ex-lover.  I
>>> was NEVER this man's lover and yet I am facing hundreds of dollars in
>>> domestic violence fees tomorrow.  Cohen obtained a domestic violence
>>> order against me.  So did Lindsey.  They are a dime a dozen.  Just
>>> roll into court and LIE.
>>> This is for real, Dad.  The City Attorney wanted me arrested again for
>>> the drone Valentine Day card.  Their perjury and fraud doesn't concern
>>> them.  Whatever.  I'm filing a complaint with the Criminal Grand Jury
>>> of LA and the Attorney General of California.  So are others.  The
>>> issue:  the culture of celebrity justice in LA.
>>> Rutger, as we know, just got married over the weekend.  I have
>>> contacted Oliver Stone.  He was, as you know, used to stir up a
>>> custody matter and - according to Boies Schiller - the point of that
>>> was to crush and destroy me.  They said - Cohen's lawyer told them
>>> "Too bad about the children." I sent the Denver FBI their email.
>>> Love,
>>> Kelley
>>> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
>>> From: Lenny LeMoine Fairchild DDS <>
>>> Date: Tue, 24 Sep 2013 07:29:04 +0200 (CEST)
>>> Subject: Your upcoming hearing
>>> To:
>>> Kelley,
>>> Your parents, sister, brother-in-law, children, friends former and
>>> present, former employers and former coworkers are all waiting with
>>> baited breath for you to get sent back to jail at your hearing in just
>>> 2 days. Not only because you are a paranoid schizophrenic alcoholic
>>> who Dr. Baca recommended be confined to a lockdown inpatient
>>> psychiatric facility for an indefinite period of time. Not only
>>> because you suffered the disgrace of being fired for uncontrolled
>>> drinking on the job and can't be trusted to perform even the most
>>> menial job. Not only because you are a completely self-centered,
>>> spiteful, mean, and childish little troll with nothing but hatred
>>> coursing through your veins. Not only because you are a religious
>>> hypocrite whose phlosophy of life is 180 degrees apart from Buddhist
>>> teachings, and whose Buddhist lamas have totally turned their backs on
>>> you. Not only because you are shamelessly preying on a lonely, aging
>>> and decrepid old alcoholic who took you in, probably hoping to become
>>> your lesbian lover. Not only because you've abused the kindness and
>>> generosity of countless people who tried to help you, only to
>>> viciously betray them later. Not only because you have been a lousy,
>>> neglectful mother who caused her children permanent lifelong
>>> psychological trauma and ruined their lives. Not only because you
>>> burned out your neurons by doing LSD and other heavy drugs repeatedly,
>>> year after year, decade after decade. Not only because you exposed
>>> your children to hard core drug use in their own home at your infamous
>>> parties. Not only because you are a low-down vile criminal who has
>>> embarrassed the entire Lynch & McCourt families. Not only because you
>>> are an unrepentant thief. Not only because every Hollywood friend you
>>> ever had has turned their back on you, with the exception of a couple
>>> of druggie buddies. Not only because you have repeatedly violated the
>>> terms of your probation by repeatedly and viciously harassing and
>>> threatening public officials and officers of the court. Not only
>>> because you have nutjob dossiers at dozens of law enforcement and tax
>>> agencies around the country. Not only because you are a washed up
>>> ne'er do well who is a burden on her family and on society and will
>>> never hold a legitimate job or ever be a productive member of society.
>>> But because you are a loser, Kelley. You are incompetent. You are also
>>> stupid in the ways that really count. You can't complete anything you
>>> set out to do, much less successfully. You have not successfully
>>> argued your criminal appeal, your writ of Habeas Corpus, or any of
>>> your various petitions to have courts vacate any of the numerous
>>> rulings against you. You have not filed one legal motion or response
>>> on time. You cannot even manage a simple unemployment claim. You are
>>> useless, Kelley. Utterly and totally useless. Your only true calling
>>> is your ability to be a sponge and a thorn in the side of all
>>> humanity.
>>> You are washed up, Kelley.
>>> You are going down. We can all hear the handcuffs clicking shut around
>>> your scrawny, heroin-tracked wrists. People are actually taking bets
>>> on whether you will be rearrested at your hearing on brand new
>>> criminal charges. Champagne corks will be popping in Los Angeles, San
>>> Francisco, Dallas, Houston, Boulder, Fort Lauderdale, Copenhagen, and
>>> the isle of Crete on the day you are sent back to the klink. Enjoy
>>> your last two days of freedom.
>>> Love and kisses,
>>> Lenny
>>> Lenny Lemoine Fairchild, DDS

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