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Kelley's Email to DOJ: Judge Robert Vanderet Lied About ME

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, Sep 12, 2013 at 5:01 PM
Subject: Fwd:
To: ASKDOJ <>, Washington Field <>, "irs.commissioner" <>, "Kelly.Sopko" <>, "Doug.Davis" <>, Dennis <>, OIGCOMPL OIGCOMPL <>, MEDIA RELATIONS PIO <>, chaleffg <>, Vivienne Swanigan <>, rbyucaipa <>, Francisco Suarez <>, Robert MacMillan <>, moseszzz <>, a <>, wennermedia <>, "Hoffman, Rand" <>, Mick Brown <>, woodwardb <>, "glenn.greenwald" <>, lrohter <>, "harriet.ryan" <>, "hailey.branson" <>

To the DOJ,

The sentencing transcript reflects Vanderet's LIES about me.  I never
testified that a restraining order doesn't apply to me.  That's a very
serious issue and now the appellate division has also lied and is
embellishing my statements which I find UNCONSCIONABLE.  The City
Attorney has assigned statements to me as well - in their Reply Brief.
 So, this situation goes well beyond LA Superior Court and extends
itself to the Appellate Division.  A woman was just murdered in LA.
She had a restraining order.  She contacted law enforcement.  She was
still murdered.  They do not, from my perspective, really offer any
degree of protection.  Vanderet doesn't like that FACT.  In any event,
the taxpayers are well aware of the fact that these are abused.  I
just don't think they know the price tag they've paid for in reality.

I've asked Alisa to address, in detail, the role of Lavely & Singer.
And, I would like to remind the DOJ that the DA Steve Cooley would
accept gifts of $1,000 from the defense bar and their secretaries at
his birthday parties.  His DDA addressed this.

All the best,

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 16:56:43 -0700
Subject: Re:
To: Francis Shivers <>


I think you'll prevail.  Perrette is clearly a liar.  I need to file
appropriate State Bar Complaints next week and will attach the
prosecutor's to the Motion to Terminate probation I am filing.

Don't forget to send the complaint.  It's important and probably gives
an overview of what occurred.  I cannot tell you how many Deputy City
Attorneys I heard advise judges that my case was "unusual" because a
"celebrity" was involved.  I heard this at my alleged arraignment
hearing and at my first probation hearing.  I found that to be quite


On 9/11/13, Francis Shivers <> wrote:
> Hope so.  There's another ten governmental regulatory and oversight
> entities also formally notified, and a State Bar complaint in the works.
>  That's in addition to the Complaint for Damages I personally filed.
> Then there's the letter sent to Cops 4 Causes over the weekend, informing
> them they've been named in the Grand Jury complaint which centers on
> Perrettes "schmoozing police".
> It is my educated guess this is just the beginning.  :)
> On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Kelley Lynch wrote:
>> Thank you.  Read the cover letter.  That should wake everyone up.
>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 3:18 PM, Francis Shivers
>> <<javascript:_e({}, 'cvml', '');>
>> > wrote:
>>> Here's the Grand Jury Cover Letter, I will scan the Complaint for
>>> Damages
>>> with the City when I get a chance:
>>> On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Kelley Lynch wrote:
>>>> Send me the complaint and cover letter.
>>>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 12:43 PM, Francis Shivers
>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>> I can't send the Grand Jury Complaint as I don't have a copy, and
>>>>> technically it's illegal anyway.  However I do have a copy of the
>>>>> cover
>>>>> letter, which I can send, as well as the complaint for damages with
>>>>> the
>>>>> city.
>>>>> On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Kelley Lynch wrote:
>>>>>> I know.  It's ineffective assistance of counsel.  I'm giving examples
>>>>>> from the record.  Do you want me to prepare a declaration for you
>>>>>> AFTER I
>>>>>> have the complaint.  Send me both complaints.  Thank you.
>>>>>> On Wed, Sep 11, 2013 at 11:22 AM, Francis Shivers
>>>>>> <>wrote:
>>>>>>> I will help all I can.  Yes I can give you a copy of my civil
>>>>>>> complaint, although it is rather brief and just put on a "form", and
>>>>>>> it
>>>>>>> mostly refers to "the recently filed grand jury complaint". The
>>>>>>> purpose
>>>>>>> wasn't to lay out the entire claim, merely to file it before the time
>>>>>>> limit
>>>>>>> was up to preserve my right to file a proper complaint within the
>>>>>>> next six
>>>>>>> months.
>>>>>>> You can also mention the public corruption Complaint filed with the
>>>>>>> Los Angeles County Grand Jury, which centers primarily on corruption
>>>>>>> of
>>>>>>> public officials related to the threat management unit, and their
>>>>>>> practice
>>>>>>> of a sustained and systematic pattern of selective enforcement and
>>>>>>> prosecution of the law as a method of intimidation.
>>>>>>> Depending on what, I might be able to give you more.  Remember, your
>>>>>>> "absolutely absurd legal representation" is actually "insufficient
>>>>>>> counsel".
>>>>>>> On Wednesday, September 11, 2013, Kelley Lynch wrote:
>>>>>>>> Francis,
>>>>>>>> How are you?  I am preparing a motion to terminate my probation
>>>>>>>> requirements that include extortion re. fees for domestic violence
>>>>>>>> (there
>>>>>>>> is none; Cohen and I were never involved; and, the original order I
>>>>>>>> requested is civil harassment) and absolutely absurd legal
>>>>>>>> representation.
>>>>>>>> I want to prove a pattern and practice of using abusive domestic
>>>>>>>> violence orders; celebrity justice program; perjury on the stand;
>>>>>>>> what the
>>>>>>>> City Attorney and Court view as THREATS or harassment (including
>>>>>>>> your post
>>>>>>>> on FB); etc.  I know you're in the midst of your own insanity and
>>>>>>>> will
>>>>>>>> understand if you can't give me one right now.  Can you give me
>>>>>>>> whatever
>>>>>>>> you filed with the City re. the complaint?
>>>>>>>> Give my love to May.  Paulette and I want to have coffee soon.
>>>>>>>> XXOO
>>>>>>>> Kelley

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