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Deputy City Attorney Accused Alisa Spitzberg of Threatening Her When She Advised The DCA That SHe Planned To Sue Them

From: Kelley Lynch <>
Date: Fri, Sep 6, 2013 at 4:06 PM
Subject: Re:
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To the FBI,

The City Attorney has a pattern and practice of using bogus threats
against people.
One such person is Alisa Spitzberg.

All the best,

On 9/6/13, Kelley Lynch <> wrote:
> To the DOJ,
> I have asked Alisa to be brutally honest and address the patterns and
> practices that are cases raise re. the City Attorney, LA Superior
> Court, THEIR TACTICS and fraud, etc.  Alisa and I discussed the fact
> that the DOJ should investigate these patterns and practices.  She is
> extremely upset by what happened to her.  I can understand why.
> Excuse the discussion about business.  I have to focus on that also,
> however, and I am hoping to work with Alisa and her sister.  This is a
> wonderful family and that includes their mother who was in a
> concentration camp and hasn't seen anything like what happened to me
> and her daughter in Nazi Germany - at Auswitz, I believe.  They do NOT
> believe Cohen is a Jew.  They know hes a fraud.
> All the best,
> Kelley
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Kelley Lynch <>
> Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 15:27:09 -0700
> Subject: Fwd:
> To: alisa spitzberg <>
> Hello Alisa,
> Great speaking with you.  The cell phone, that will remain on for now,
> needed to charge.
> I appreciate your providing me with a declaration.  My mother,
> Paulette, and others are as well.  EVERY word in my trial - including
> as it relates to domestic violence, alcohol and mental health issues,
> stealing, etc. - IS A LIE.  Every single word.  So, from my
> perspective, they have trapped themselves and people in reality
> understand this.  The taxpayer is the individual who has been
> sabotaged by the City Attorney here.  My appellate attorney is aware
> that my matter is an IRS tax fraud matter involving Leonard Cohen.
> So, as I asked my public defender (who told me the City Attorney was
> attempting to discredit me, sabotage the IRS, and the DA does not want
> the Spector verdict overturned) - why doesn't the City Attorney know
> this is an IRS tax fraud case involving Leonard Cohen and his theft
> from me, etc.  I spoke to Boies Schiller about including Brady
> material in my emails.  They thought it was an excellent idea so I
> think when the emails are presented without being altered, taken out
> of context, etc. and are viewed as what they are (documentary evidence
> documenting the destruction of my life and everything I have gone
> through) - I think the truth will be revealed and unveiled and the
> liars with motive won't have any defense or excuses.
> In any event, the stakes are high and the City Attorney has definitely
> attempted to jail me again, as you and I discussed.  Viramontes told
> me that.  OVER the drone Valentine card that was used as an example to
> the FBI (and others) as an example of the type of insanity these
> lunatics use to prosecute people re. threats.  So, include in your
> declaration that the City Attorney attempted to say you threatened
> her/them because you said you intended to sue.  Cooley and the DA's
> office were well aware that I intend to sue and this is pure
> retaliation and relates to Phil Spector.  Do not lose site of that.
> I have asked my appellate attorney to come with me.  I am speaking
> with a litigator before the hearing.  I want my appellate attorney to
> speak to the IRS agent we subpoened at trial - Vanderet wouldn't let
> him testify and completely deprived me of a defense and my witnesses,
> including my son Rutger who the City Attorney and Cohen targeted over
> his horrific accident.  They are indeed wonderful.  We are not
> estranged.  The DCA simply LIED about that to the bail judge.
> I was evidently offered a plea deal.  I wasn't told about it.  I asked
> after members of the Sheriff's Department and inmates advised me that
> it was inconceivable re. a misdemeanor.  The PD did NOT tell me about
> it and everyone who knows this understands this - including my sister,
> mother, and other members of my family who I spoke to from jail.  I
> asked about it.  I was told the City Attorney wanted to go to trial.
> I asked during voir dire.  The PD never told me I had the option to
> take it at that time.
> The domestic violence angle is PSYCHOTIC.  This was a civil harassment
> order.  I was at the hearing and requested it.  I told the judge I
> thought Cohen, etc. were INSANE.  I THEN read Cohen's perjured
> declaration re. that Colorado order and the perjury and fraud were and
> are inconceivable.  I filed a motion to quash.  The judge reminded me
> that I asked for that order.  There was NO EVIDENCE whatsoever to
> support any hearsay allegations.  Cohen waited three years to register
> the order in California.  Never registered it anywhere I lived but
> monitored my whereabouts and even hired a private investigator.  That
> PI works with LAPD's TMU and the DA so there are many questions and
> Pellicano and corruption is consistently being raised by people paying
> attention.  I mentioned that to Viramontes.
> YES, I phoned LAPD"s TMU about the bloody stump/Oliver Stone email.
> They are a celebrity unit and he is a huge celebrity who was used to
> create a custody matter and is now being used in a email where someone
> advised me that I should be raped, murdered, or commit suicide.  The
> stakes are high.  I know certain parties wish I was dead but as I have
> said - this will never go away:  It's all documented into emails for
> the IRS, FBI, DOJ, Treasury, FTB, Phil Spector and his legal team, and
> others.  Journalists have communicated with me.  I have communicated
> with the news media and copied them in.  It is a document addressing
> everything I have gone through and continue to - including the
> unconscionable targeting of my sons, family members, and others -
> including, now, Paulette by SICKO Gianelli.
> There is NO domestic violence.  Cohen and I were never in a
> dating/intimate relationship.  He must not have been too prepped for
> the bail hearing because he told the truth about that - we had a
> purely business relationship and I never stole from him.  The City
> Attorney attempted to rehabilitate him.  They only succeeded in
> getting a perjury confession.
> I have completed the terms of my probation.  The requirements were
> fulfilled although the issues raised are fraudulent and false.  That
> is what I am addressing in my Motion to Terminate Probation.
> EXTORTION re. domestic violence fees.  LA Superior Court appointed
> these public defenders who did NOT represent me; didn't get the facts
> straight; and, as the bailiff noted - did not meet with me.  They
> couldn't even object properly.  They didn't contact my family.  My
> sister was not called back.  They did not obtain a declaration from
> Steven Machat.  Cohen stole from him and his father.  They did NOT
> obtain a declaration from journalist Mick Brown WHO ADVISED ME that
> Cohen testified/statements presented to Phil Spector's grand jury.
> It's now about CASH.  $2,400 in CASH.  These fees are routinely waived
> but not in my unique Stalinesque Show Trial.  The judge refused and I
> am now exposed to blackmail and threats.  Paulette continues to be
> criminally harassed, as do my sons, etc.  CASH for non-existent
> domestic violence.  CASH for ineffective assistance of counsel who
> THEY APPOINTED to represent me and one of my trial attorneys spoke to
> Gianelli evidently about my witnesses and what they could or could not
> corroborate which I think is criminal.
> Write the declaration as if you are speaking to a stranger and the
> Grand Jury of Los Angeles or DOJ and FBI.  Be brutally honest.  Show a
> pattern and practice re. this celebrity fraud and the use of LAPD's
> TMU against innocent citizens for celebrities with vendettas, civil
> liabilities, and MOTIVE.  You didn't know Tig Notaro.  So why is the
> order a domestic violence order?  Cohen could have registered the
> Colorado order as a civil harassment order but didn't.  He and the
> City Attorney want to lie and pretend I am a disgruntled ex-lover.  NO
> I AM NOT.  I never had sex with Oliver Stone.  These issues were used
> to CRUSH me into a deal; to elicit false and perjured testimony about
> my former colleagues; etc.
> Vanderet went along with the entire show trial . Why else would Cohen
> be testifying about my son's FINGERS?  Vanderet had NO JURISDICTION
> over federal tax matters.  I am sending you the transcripts.  The
> entire trial is about Phil Spector and Cohen/IRS.  My kids were thrown
> in for good and evil measure.  They evidently haven't suffered enough
> because LA Superior Court DESTROYED our lives; participated in a
> fraudulent custody matter re. my younger son; aided and abetted Cohen
> with theft; etc.  My younger son was removed from my custody at
> GUNPOINT while my younger son was used as a hostage negotiator and
> human shield, willfully ignored, placed in harm's way, and told that
> both I and our dog would be SHOT.  Why?  I kept my son home from
> school.  His father, Cohen, and others coordinated a custody matter.
> I want to work on images with you and Lauren.  I think we should have
> 20 available images for one catalogue sheet.  I know I said 10 but I
> think we should have a variety.  I will create a few samples as we
> discussed.  I would like one of the Kardashians and I suggested.
> Justin Bieber is a great idea.  I think Marilyn Monroe and Liza
> Minelli, Kate Hepburn, and some others for the classic celebrities.  I
> want to use Lauren's images initially in a niche line for high ended
> stores like Fred Segal.  She needs to think through compensation - as
> do I.  I usually pay for the artwork and the contract is
> work-for-hire.  That might not be the case here and I do not know if
> Lauren works in a manner where someone can ask her to provide a
> concept - say the Kardashian family in a chic setting FRED SEGAL and
> their awning in the background.  But we'll work on those details.  I
> want to research it and am thinking of a commission re. the first 20
> images or something like that.  We'll arrive at something that works
> for everyone.  Right now I am working on finding manufacturers.  These
> legal issues are preventing me from focusing on my livelihood, looking
> for work, etc.
>  I think the Barrett Brown image is just great.  I am unclear about
> his charges and find the entire prosecution confusing and confused.
> It started as an FBI threat issue.  I understand that issue.  I do not
> understand the cut and paste link issue and many other things.  But,
> yes, you mentioned three security firms.  I am aware of the HB Gary
> emails and have my own favorite that involves a woman by the name of
> Penny.  Anyway, I am trying to follow the case and the gag order is
> unconscionable from my perspective.  The prosecutors are attempting to
> prosecute Brown - NOT protect him.  Also, we are footing the bill.  We
> The People.  Therefore, We The People need to hear the facts.  If I
> could understand what they are trying to accomplish, that would help
> me also.  I cannot keep hearing about National Security threats, etc.
> without understanding (conceptually) why that would be the case.  For
> instance, the Russians just released 100 pages of intelligence re.
> Syria and their President was intelligence.  Their Foreign Minister
> (Sergye Lavrov) appeared to make fun of our Super Secret insanity.  I
> would like to do a line of computer bags.  I am just not clear if
> Brown is recognizable to everyone so people can order that image if
> they like.  I want to change the word so I am not selling Brown's
> defense.  I don't want to have political slogans, etc. because that
> will exclude a large demographics from the company.  One of my former
> artists is providing me with a DVD of some of my images from my now
> destroyed card company.  This company will be called Amazing Design
> Company.  And, everyone will get a fair deal and know the terms of all
> deals - that includes Lauren.  If she wants to be in business, she
> needs to educate herself and express what she feels she needs.
> Otherwise, problems arise.  Cohen and I always discussed everything in
> this manner because that's how I do business.  He just LIES and is now
> evidently pretending he is also ILLITERATE.
> I agree with you - every time I see a judge, I want to vomit.
> Love,
> Kelley
> Fraud re. domestic violence restraining order
> Using and abusing mental health and commitments
> Denying and/or depriving one bail
> The issues re. your charges (The City Attorney evidently doesn't know
> what I was charged with and that's a serious constitutional matter - I
> was convicted re. one statute but sentenced re. another).  It even
> confused my appellate attorney.
> Celebrity justice program LA Superior Court is running.
> The lies told to LAPD's TMU.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: alisa spitzberg <>
> Date: Fri, 6 Sep 2013 14:16:15 -0700
> Subject:
> To: Kelley Lynch <>
> Hey hey,
> Good to talk to you. Count on the declaration-- monday, at the latest. It
> will be focused and good. Is this going to be seen by Vanderet? Should I
> mention that gutter snipe's involvement? Do you have any lawyer to come to
> the hearing?
> You know what amazes me the most? That you were offerred no plea. So, you
> had no choice but to go to trial, and then five years and you have to pay
> those Public Pretender assfaces??????? The domestic violence angle is plain
> insane too.
>  What were the conditions of probation? Gianelli's crazed bile got me
> nervous for you. I'm also surprised that Vanderet didn't go along with the
> mental health and stay off the internet request. I wonder why.
> I sent this(attached) to the freebarret brown people. Told them they can
> take five bucks off any sale. A very good cause, in my opinion. Lauren and
> you should talk soon. Next time you call. She has 10 images in mind. I want
> her to do kardashian and bieber but also think it might be smart idea to
> have some nostalgia for real glamour concept. I don't see those dum dums on
> bags, but all is possible. My mother needs supplemental health insurance so
> the need for money is dire. I think if we go into business and it works--
> very cool. A pheonix rising kind of story. We can get coyote and his wife
> involved too.
> talk soon, and sending you good vibes,
> alisa

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